Chapter 1 "THE DYING SUN" Questions and Answers For class 12 (2nd Year)

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The Dying  sun
Chapter 1


Q: What is the significance of title?

Ans: The title “The Dying Sun” has metaphorical meaning. It means that in sun, there is continuous fusion  reaction this fusion  results in loss of radiations or energy from  the sun. which spreads it towards Earth and other planets This sunlight is a source of life in these planets and carrying on many vital process in them Due to this sun is becoming weaker and weaker.

Q: How did the writer make a comparison between earth and universe?

Ans: The writer made a comparison between earth and universe by saying that a few stars are known which are hardly bigger than the earth, but most of them are so large that hundreds of thousands of earths would be packed inside each and leave room to spare; here and there we find an  immense star. Large enough to contain millions and millions of earths. And the total number of stars in the universe is probably something like the total number of grains of sand on all the seashores of world. Such is the littleness of our home in space when measured up against the total substance of the universe.

Q: How do the stars make their journey?

Ans: The millions of stars are wandering about in space. A few forms groups which jour, in company, but most of them travel alone they travel through a universe so immense  that it is very very, rare event for one star to come anywhere near to other. For the most part each star makes its voyage in complete loneliness, like ship on an empty ocean. In scale model in which stars are like ships. These ships are million miles away from each other.

Q: How is that a star seldom finds another star near its?

Ans: As the universe is so vast that the stars are millions and trillions miles away from earth other. It is very rare event when one star comes so near to other star. Star completes its voyage loneliness like a ship in the ocean. In an scale model in which the stars are ships the average ship will be over millions miles away from each other.

Q: How do according to Jane Jeans, solar system comes into beings ?

Q: What are planet and how did they came into existences?
Ans: Planets are the heavenly bodies revolving around stars. They don’t have their own light but get energy and heat from star They move around stars lonely but mostly travel in groups. They come into existence when a huge star came near to sun and canceled its gravitational effect. Due to greater gravitation pull of star, tides raised from sun and broke away from it. These mountains letter became plants.

Q: Why there is no life on starts?

Ans: Mainly our universe is divided into three regions then there lies a narrow better of moderate temperature, which is millionth part of the universe. Only in this region life is possible, and most of the stars in this region despite of having suitable temperature do not have basic need for life, like  oxygen, water and other organic substances. So life is not possible on them.

Q: Write a note on the beginning of life on earth?

Ans: When the planet formed due to gravitational pull of another star, after it on earth due to moderate temperature, simple organisms  like bacteria are originated, whose living power consisted chiefly in their being able to reproduce themselves befo0re dying but from these humble beginnings came a stream of life, which growing ever more and more complex, has in the end produced beings whose lives are largely central  in their feelings and ambitions, their sense of beauty and the religions in which lie their highest hopes and noblest desires, the human race came into existence in some such way as this.

Q: Why is the universe, of which our earth is a part, so frightening? Give as many reasons as you are.

Ans: We find the universe frightening became of its immense distances which  we do not understand, frightening because of the stretches of time so great that we cannot imagine them, making the whole frightening because of our extreme loneliness, and a millionth part of a grain of sand out of any sign that life like our own exists anywhere in it except on earth.



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