Chapter 9"THE FOOLISH QUACK" Questions and Answers For class 11 (1st Year)

Chapter 6 "THE REWARD" Lord Dunsany Questions and Answers For class 11 (1st Year)






Answer the following questions, each in about 40-50 words:-

Q.1. What is a clump of trees and where do we find it in the story?

Ans: A clump of trees is a group of trees. We find it at the start of the story. Some travelers stayed to rest under this clump of trees. We find such clumps of trees in our village areas mostly. They are a blessing of God for all equally.

Q.2. What was stuck in the camel’s throat and what was done about it? (or) How did the camel man cure his camel?

Ans: A melon stuck in the camel’s throat. The owner of the camel tied a blanket round its throat. Then he stuck the camel’s neck forcefully with a wooden hammer, and the melon broke and went down. The result was that the camel owner began thinking that he could cure animals and men thus.

Q.3. What is goiter? How did another villager pose as a doctor to treat it? What could you call him?

Ans: Goitre is a swelling of the throat. Another villager saw the owner of the camel hitting its neck with a wooden hammer to push down the stuck melon. He said that he was a doctor and could cure goiter. He was a quack (pretending doctor).

Q.4. What did the quack do with the old woman and with what result? What happened to the quack? (or) How did the quack try to cure the old woman and with what result?

Ans: The quack tied a blanket round the swollen throat of the woman, and then hit it with a mallet. That poor woman died at once. The people forced the quack to dig the woman’s grave, beat him and then let him go.

Q.5. What was the result of the treatment of the old woman? When could the result be otherwise?

Ans: The result of the old woman’s treatment by the quack was that she died. The result could have been otherwise. He should not have hit the swollen throat of the woman with a mallet. The woman should have been taken to a true doctor first of all. 

Q.6. What was the punishment inflicted(imposed) upon the quack by the villager? Did the villager act reasonably?

Ans: The villager hit (struck) the quack with a stick with iron rings around it. It felled the man and made him unconscious. The villager did not act properly. He should have got the quack punished legally. This was the right course, which he did not adopt because of his ignorance.

Q.7. For whom did the quack dig the grave? Could he be punished otherwise?

Ans: The quack dug the grave for the old woman. (He had hit her swollen throat with a mallet.) This man could be punished legally. He could be made to pay money (compensate) to the old woman’s heirs. But he was punished physically against law.

Q.8. What did the quack do in the next village after digging the grave of the woman killed by him and what did the people do to him?

Ans: The quack reached another village on his camel and again claimed that he was “a great doctor.” But he said that if he killed his patient, he should not be forced to dig his grave. The people got angry with him and sent him away.

Q.9. Why did n’t the villagers let the quack treat the old man?

Ans: The quack said that he would try to cure the old man. But if he killed the patient, the people should not force him to dig his grave. The villagers said that he was talking of digging the patient’s grave before treating him, and dismissed him.

Q.10. Why did the quack come back to the camel men and what did they do to him?

Ans: The quack told the camel men that he had learnt from them how to hit one to remove his swelling. They called him foolish because he hit an old woman as they had hit a huge forceful camel. One of them hit the quack, who fell down unconscious.1 For further use if desired: 1 Afterwards he admitted his mistake and decided not to pose as a doctor any more.

Q.11. Explain the title and moral lesson of the story.

Ans: The title means that a foolish man pretended (showed off) to be a doctor. He treated medically strong animals and men in the same way. The lesson we get is that no one should show to others what he cannot do. No one should impress others falsely for fame or money.

Q.12. Explain the theme or central idea of the story “The Foolish Quack.”

Ans: We can never depend on quacks or non-qualified people for medical treatment. They can kill us anytime. They are often foolish and extremely careless. They should be imprisoned for life or killed because they can harm anyone anytime. We do not pretenders to medical knowledge. We want truly qualified medical men of learning and experience.

Q.13. What is a folktale? Explain.

Ans: A folktale is a very old traditional tale. Like the present story, it is of a particular are. The people repeat it orally from age to age. If the folklore is a benefit to others (like the present story), it spreads in society fast. Even uneducated or less educated people repeat it to each other. Most people understand how to defend themselves against quacks, cheats and looters.


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