Chapter 6 "THE REWARD" Lord Dunsany Questions and Answers For class 11 (1st Year)

Chapter 6 "THE REWARD" Lord Dunsany Questions and Answers For class 11 (1st Year)





Answer the following questions, each in about 40-50 words:

 Q. 1. what was the subject under discussion at the club? Explain.
 Ans: The subject was opportunity (favourable time for doing something) and determination( firm intention of doing something). Some people like Terbut said that opportunity was needed for success which millions of people never had. But Jorkens opposed the idea and said that determination was needed for success. 

Q.2 What did Terbut think of Jorkens’s argument? Was he correct?
 Ans: Terbut thought that determination was of no use to a person if he did not have the money and chance. He was wrong because we find many poor and resource less people succeeding well in life. They succeed because of their determination. 

Q.3 How did Jorkens convince others that a man can become a skating champion of the Sahara? 
Ans: Jorkens said that if a person did not have money to go to the Sahara desert, he could earn or make it. Then he could go there and make a skating rink (area with ice for skating) and arrange a skating competition. He could come out as a skating champion. 1. For further used if desired: 1 But Terbut held that a a person might have high aims, but without money or chances he could not get or achieve them. 

Q.4 What main argument did Gorgios offer (give) in favour of the post of court acrobat? (or) How did Gorgios persuade the people to make his country strong?
 Ans. Gorgios argued in his speeches that a healthy court acrobat would be a good example to the soldiers. They would try to be fit and strong like him to win battles with other countries. Thus, the court acrobat would help in bringing glory to the nation.

 Q.5 How did Gorgios’s parents look at his views? Were they correct in their thinking? (or) What was the viewpoint of Gorgios”s parents?
 Ans: Gorgios”s parents thought that every struggle to achieve high aims took time and effort. Gorgios succeeded in his aim of having the post of court acrobat created after a great struggle. His parents proved to be correct though they had died before Gorgios's grand success. 

Q.6` What were the arrangements made for the function of the inauguration?
 Ans: Gorgios’s was given a special uniform of red velvet, gold buttons and lace. The king’s throne room was turned (changed) into a gymnasium with curtains of red and gold. Lights shone brightly and a band played soft music. Gorgios was wearing pointed shoes, and was walking with the support of a gilded (gold-painted) stick. 

Q.7 Describe the scene of inauguration of the post of court acrobat.
 Ans: The writer or the present story attended the inauguration of Gorgios as court acrobat. Gorgios appeared in a grand suit of red velvet, gold buttons. The royal family and guests were waiting for him in the brightly lit hall. The band was playing soft music. Everyone welcomed him to his seat.

 Q.8 What were the feelings of Gorgios on the occasion of or eve(time before) the inauguration? 
Ans: Gorgios felt happily that he had achieved his aim of becoming a court acrobat after more than sixty years of efforts. He also looked sadly at the royal platform with questioning eyes. He felt that the king had appointed him court acrobat too late when he was too old. 

Q.9 Did Gorgios use any short cut to achieve his ambition? 
Ans: Gorgios did not use any short cut and made efforts for sixty years to become a court acrobat. He struggled and also joined politics to approach all the people for his mission. He made speeches and used his contacts to have himself appointed court acrobat. 

Q.10 For how long Gorgios had to stick to get his ambition achieved? What can you say about it? 
Ans: Gorgios had to stick to his ambition or high aim for sixty years. He made every effort to have himself appointed court acrobat during this long time. At last he succeeded because of his determination and long efforts. He never lost hope of becoming a court acrobat. 


Q.1 Discuss the political views of Gorgios.
 Ans: Gorgios considered politics as a tool to get one’s aims. He thought that the support of the people could be won through political speeches. A good speaker could have good control over the minds of the people. He made use of politics wisely and successfully. 

Q.2 How did Gorgios achieve his ambition? 
Ans: Gorgios ‘s aim was to have the post of court acrobat created and to have himself appointed to it. He went into politics and made speeches in favour of creating the post of court acrobat. He bravely faced opposition to his ideas for many years. He won the people and king’s favour, and then achieved his aim.

 Q.3 Do you agree or disagree with the viewpoint of the writer and Gorgios? Give some reasons. 
Ans: The writer and Gorgios believed that if a man is determined and works hard for his aim, he succeeds. It is correct because life is a race, and whoever continues struggling gets his aim. The people and government also begin supporting the hero’s efforts. 

Q.4 Why were the uniforms and brilliant dresses put in the shade at the inauguration? 
Ans: The uniforms of the court people and brilliant dresses(skirts) of the ladies were put in the shade (or darkness) or out of view. It was so because all attention was to be paid to the great court acrobat, ‘Gorgios. Gorgios’s uniform was to be observed by all the people. 

Q.5 What the lesson or moral that the story teaches?
 Ans: A person should stick to his aims or ideals with all effort. He should face all kinds of opposition. If he is honest, God favours him. Time is not important for success. It may take any number of years. Then one may not succeed even. Struggle is more important.

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