Chapter 12 "THE GIFT OF MAGI" Questions and Answers For class 11 (1st Year)

Chapter 6 "THE REWARD" Lord Dunsany Questions and Answers For class 11 (1st Year)




Answer the following questions, each in about 40-50 words:

Q.1. How much did Della save for Christmas? What did it show?

Ans: Della saved $ 1.87 (one dollar and eighty seven cents) for Christmas. She had collected this amount cent by cent. It showed that she was a careful girl, who did not spend much. It should the strength of her character. She was preparing herself for the future.

Q.2. Why did Della take pride in the beauty of her hair?(or) what was Della’s hair likes and what do you think she felt about it?

Ans: Della took pride in her hair because”It fell about her like a stream of brown waterfall. It reached below her knee.” It was like a dress or skirt to her. It means that her hair was very long, think, silken, and shiny. I think she felt like a princess when she stood before others in her shiny hair.

Q.3. Why and how did Della sell her hair? Did she do well?

Ans: Della sold her beautiful brown hair at a shop for twenty dollars. She wanted to buy a gold chain for Jim as a Christmas gift. She should have discussed the matter with Jim first. But her action showed that she could sacrifice her dearest possessions for Jim—even his life.

Q.4. Why did Jim sell this gold watch? Did he do well?

Ans: Jim sold his watch to buy special combs for Della as a Christmas gift. He did this in a hurry. He should have consulted Della before doing this. But it also showed that for Della he could sacrifice his best things_ his life even.

Q.5. Why did Jim and Della want to present the gifts?

Ans: The wanted to present the Christmas gifts to make each other specially happy.They loved each other very dearly. So Della bought the gold chain and Jim bought the special combs. But they never thought of giving less expensive and commoner gifts to fees easy as well.

Q.6. Why did Della feel sad on losing her hair?

Ans: Della felt sad on losing her hair because it was the most beautiful part of her person (body). It was long, brown, thick and silky that everyone liked. But more than anyone, Jim liked it most. Della feared that without it he may not like her so much.

Q.7. Why did Jim not welcome Della when she stepped in?

Ans: Jim did not welcome her when she entered the house because he found Della's hair missing. He was in the habit of looking at Della's hair with great pleasure. But this time he could not enjoy the lovely sight. He found to his disappointment that her beauty was less than earlier.

Q.8. What did Jim bring out from his coat? Describe the scene as well as you can.

Ans: Jim brought out something tied in paper from inside his coat. He threw it on the table. When Della opened the packet, she found special combs for her “hair.” This was the best symbol (sign) of his love for her. But it was also a reminder to her that she had lost the most beautiful part of her personality, at least for several years.

Q.9. How beautiful was the gold watch chain? Would you have liked to own it?

Ans: The gold chain was simple, but made of pure and rich material. It was extremely lovely as a love present. I would have liked to own it. But with the gold chain should have been like flowers without the plant.

Q.10. What was the wisdom on Jim.s part to sell his most valuable thing?

Ans: Perhaps there was no wisdom on Jim’s part to sell his most valuable thing, that is, his gold watch. He was almost made in his passion of love for Della. He did not talk with or consult Della before selling it. But love is almost always blind. Very few people keep their senses in order when they are in deep love.


Q.1. How did the Magi want to celebrate their Christmas. (or ) Who were the first people to give Christmas gifts?

Ans: The Magi were the three wise men from the East who brought gifts to Jesus Christ. This way these wise men also celebrated Christmas. The Magi were very wise because they made Jesus happy through the gifts. They were the first people who gave Christmas gifts to the baby Jesus.

Q.2. How much attached to each other were Della and Jim in the story?

Ans: Della and Jim did everything in their power to please each other. Della sold her hair for twenty dollars only. She bought the gold chain for Jim’s watch. Jim sold his gold watch to buy special combs for Della.

Q.3. Why did Jim and Della sell their beautiful and valuable things?

Ans: They sold their most beautiful things to please each other. They wanted to show that they could lose their all for each other’s joy and satisfaction. They were trying to show that they could even die for love.

Q.4. Describe the story in our words.

Ans: Della and Jim were lovers. Della sold her hair to buy a gold chain for Jim’s watch. Jim sold his watch to buy special combs for Della’s hair. Della’s gift of gold chain was useless for Jim and Jim’s gift of the combs was useless for Della, yet they loved each other.

Q.5. What is the moral of the story?

Ans: The moral is that we should not become too emotional in love. We should act wisely in all matters of life. In any case, we should not overreach ourselves (do more than we are able to do). The acts of Della in selling her hair and of Jim in selling his gold watch were highly emotional. Lovers should use their minds more than their hearts.


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