Chapter 11 " I HAVE A DREAM" Questions and Answers For class 11 (1st Year)

Chapter 6 "THE REWARD" Lord Dunsany Questions and Answers For class 11 (1st Year)




Answer the following questions, each in about 40-50 words:

Q.1. What was the cause of the Negroes discontentment (unhappiness and dissatisfaction)?

Ans: The cause of the blacks discontentment was that they were not treated equal with the whites. They did not enjoy all those rights that the whites enjoyed. They could not progress in an atmosphere of inequality. So they were protesting and demonstrating.

Q.2. What were the qualities of the veterans (men of experience) of creative suffering?

Ans: One quality was to suffer imprisonment, cruelty and injustice in efforts to have freedom in society. Another quality was the struggle against cruel rules. Yet another was to speak the truth and the whole truth. They had an appeal to the common people (the masses).

Q.3. What is the dream of Martin Luther King Jr.?

Ans: It is that all the people in the United States of America should be equal. Their character should be considered and not the colour of their skin. They should be provided equal chances of progress and advancement. All the people, whether white or black or of any colour or race, should live in perfect equality.

Q.4. What should be the faith of the Negroes? Should it be our faith as well?

Ans: The faith of the Negroes should be that suffering without any cause brings God’s favour. This should be our belier too. If we suffer without any fault of ours, God Almighty will reward us. In fact, suffering of any kind, which we face boldly, shows the strength of our character.

Q.5. What was the necessity of pleading the case of the Negroes freedom?

Ans: King pleaded the case of the Negroes because they did not enjoy freedom and equality. They were not treated equal with the whites. They did not have equal chances of progress. They were victims of injustice.

Q.6. What should be the criterion (standard) of judgement for a person? Explain.

Ans: It should be a person’s character, not the colour of his skin or his race. It should be his knowledge and ability, and not his connections. It should be his courage to speak and fight for truth and justice. It means that a person should get what he deserves.

Q.7. Did the Negroes enjoy liberty in all the parts of the United States of America in Martin Luther King’s time?

Ans: They did not enjoy liberty in all its parts. For example, in the states of Alabama, South Carolina, Georgia, and Louisiana they did not enjoy it. But later they gained freedom and equality in all of America because of the efforts of Martin Luther King and his companions.

Q.8. From which parts of the country had the Negroes gathered and for what purpose?

Ans: The Negroes had gathered in Washington from Mississippi, Alabama, South Carolina, Georgia, Louisiana, and other areas where they were living in poverty. Their purpose was to gain freedom and equality in their studies, work and jobs. They wanted to have chances to rise to the highest positions in every profession.

Q.9. Write the song in your own words.

Ans: I sing of my country which is the sweet land of liberty. Here my fathers or forefathers lived and died. It is the land where the pilgrims settled and of whom we are proud. Let the sound of freedom be heard on all the mountains and everywhere.

Q.10. What is the effect of the repetition of words?

Ans: The effect of word repetition is, firstly, to lay stress on certain main ideas. Secondary repetition creates a sweet sound effect. In the speech, the words “freedom, ring, mountain” create such an effect. Thirdly, the repeated words settle in our minds to be remembered for all tim.

Q.1. Write a note on the struggle of Martin Luther King Jr. for the Negroes.

Martin Luther King Jr. made a long struggle for the Negroes of the USA. He made speeches, led processions, and wrote extensively for them. He asked the government to make the laws for equality between the whites and blacks. He even gave his life in 1968 in support of striking workers in Tennessee.

Q.2. What was the condition of the Negroes in Martin Luther King’s day?

Ans: The Negroes in Martin Luther King’s days did not enjoy equality with the whites in several states. They could not reach high positions in the government. They could not send their children to all the schools and colleges.

Q.3. Write a few lines on racial discrimination (unfavourable treatment on the basis of race of colour). 

Ans: Racial discrimination means favouring some races and disfavouring others. It means giving a higher position to some people on the basis of their colour and belief. It means giving a lower position to others on th basis of their colour and belief.

Q.4. Write a brief summery of the speech.

Ans: Martin Luther King addressed all the suffering people of the US. It was his dream to provide complete justice to all. He wanted the blacks and whites to be treated equal. He wanted all the blacks and whites and rich and poor to benefit from the facilities of the country equality.

Q.5. What are the measures (steps) you can take to ensure justice with all sections of society?

Ans: Education should be free up to a certain stage for all children. The people following different religions should be treated equally. There should be equal chances of working for all the people, whatever their colour, class, or social standing. Justice should be equally available to all.



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