Poem Peace 'Stanza No. 2' Paraphrasing and Explanation for class 10

PoeM PeacEDR. SILVIA HARTMANNParaphrasing and ExplanatioN
'Stanza No. 2'

but all of that is
not its core,
its center is in truth
eternal stillness
bright blue skies
and all you hear
are gentle whispers
far away
and unimportant

These lines have been taken from the poem 'Peace' written by Dr. Silvia Hartmann.


The poem depicts the two aspects of the wind. One is callous and dark. And, the other is gentle and bright. Then,  the poetess concludes that the gentle and bright aspect of wind is its reality.


This stanza makes us hear the soft, sweet stream of air. It depicts the graceful and beautiful aspect of nature. Here the wind has taken the form of a gentle breeze. It has been personified as a lover who whispers heartfelt feelings into the ears of his beloved. Likewise the hushed and low whispers of wind make everything blush. It imparts sweet sensations to every beautiful thing. The sky looks sunny, blue, and cloudless. It makes everything feel quite and calm. Only the mild and faint whispers can be heard somewhere in the distance. 


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