Poem Peace 'Stanza No. 1' Paraphrasing and Explanation for class 10

PoeM PeacEDR. SILVIA HARTMANNParaphrasing and ExplanatioN
'Stanza No. 1'

The wind is now
a roaring, smashing
monster of destruction,
raking all man's work
from the valleys,
from the vales,
and sends them spinning,
broken flying -

These lines have been taken from the poem 'Peace' written by Dr. Silvia Hartmann.


The poem depicts the two aspects of the wind. One is callous and dark. And, the other is gentle and bright. Then,  the poetess concludes that the gentle and bright aspect of wind is its reality.


The above lines, makes us see a stormy wind blowing hard, smashing things, demolishing buildings, and leaving the debris spinning in the air. This stanza creates a picture of some coastal city, devastated by a powerful hurricane. We hear the roar of the wind and see the broken pieces of things flying in the stormy wind. The image of monster makes us frightened. We see its monstrous hands leveling buildings with a rake. The very stanza creates an image of a strong tornado with things flying and spinning in it.


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