Poem The Rain 'Stanza No. 2' Paraphrasing and Explanation

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PoeM ThE RaiN W.H. DAVIESParaphrasing and ExplanatioN
'Stanza No. 2'

And when the sun comes out,
After this rain shall stop,
A wondrous light will fill
Each dark, round drop;
I hope the sun shines bright;

It will be a lovely sight.

          These lines have been taken from the poem, “The Rain” by W.H. Davies.

           The poem is about rain. The falling rain on leaves produces a sweet music. After rain, the sun shines bright. The rain drops shine in the sunshine. It makes a lovely sight everywhere.


           After the rain has stopped, the sun will appear. It will shine brighter than before. The sunshine will spread everywhere. It will make the whole atmosphere lovely and bright. The dark round drops of water will begin to shine in the bright rays of sunshine. The poet says that the sunshine will illumine everything with its brilliance. It will indeed be a lovely sight.


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