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                                                       "MY SCHOOL"

                                   A school is a sacred place. It educates the young people. It is a place where the concrete foundations of a nation are laid down. Apparently, it imparts education, but secretly, it grooms the young generation for life and weighty responsibilities. It is natural for humans to love the place where they spend some time. Children spend a substantial part of their lives in schools. Therefore, they begin to love their schools. I also love my school very much. The name of my school is -------------. It is situated on the bank of a canal. It is a residential institute. The scenery around it is incredibly splendid. Huge shady trees are surrounding the white building of my school. Its environment is quite, peaceful and pure. It stands away from the hue and cry of city life. Its building is wonderfully clean and spacious. The green lawns, the grassy playgrounds, the blooming flowers and the green thick trees enhance the grace of my school. The headmaster and the staff of the school are very kind, considerate and caring. But they are very strict in maintaining discipline. The teachers are highly qualified and experienced. They not only teach the students diligently but also inculcate a keen sense of responsibility and good moral qualities in them. They arrange such outdoor programs as are meant to build the character of the student. In short, my school is an ideal school. I am proud of my school.

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