Chapter 3 "Dark they were and Golden-eyed" Questions and Answers For class 11 (1st Year)

Chapter 1 "Clearing in the sky" Questions and Answers For class 11 (1st Year)

Chapter 3 "Dark they were and Golden-eyed"


Q: Why did harry want to go back to the earth?

Ans: Harry was born and brought up in the climate of the earth. In the extreme climate of Mars he felt as if he was submerging into a chemical. It could burn their intellect and past. It could flake away their identities. Therefore, Harry wanted to go back to the earth.

Q: Why did Harry not want to stay there?

Ans: He did not want to stay on the mars because there the weather was very hard. There was a smell in the air. Moreover, they had begun to change physically. So, he did not want to stay there.

Q: What climate did they face on the Mars?

Ans: The climate at the Mars was too hot to bear for the earth people. It was too hot, foggy and fast to bear. They could lose their identity. Summer was so hot, that it had dried the canals on the Mars.

Q: What was the condition of the Bittering’s family on hearing the news of war on earth?

Ans: Laura told about the news of war on earth. She told that all space rockets had blown up. Laura began to stumble and weep. Hearing this the whole family began to cry. They felt that they were stranded on the Mars forever.

Q: What did they want to grow?

Ans: Perhaps, they wanted to grow peach trees, onions and other vegetables. But these things grew very odd to make them frightened.

Q: What was the condition of their house?

Ans: The climate on Mars was so hot, foggy and fast that their painted house had flaked and peeled. All the boards had been warped out of shape. It was almost burnt. Rubber tyres in the back yard had shrunk like suspended pendulums of stopped clocks.

Q: What was the advice Harry gave to the people?

Ans: When the earth people got stranded on the Mars as a result of nuclear war on earth, Harry advised the people to build a rocket to go back to the earth. He tried to build it, but could not.

Q: How much dangerous can a Martian virus be?

Ans: The Martian Wind had a virus in it. It could be found like a pollen seed. It was so dangerous that it could change the colour of skin and eyes into black and golden. It also had affected the size of their body. They became tall, thin and black.


Q: What did summer do on the Mars?

Ans: In summer, it was very hot on the Mars. It had burnt the canals dry. No greenery could be found anywhere. Even the house and people had become black and brown due to sunburn.

Q: What changes had occurred in Sam?

Ans: His grey eyes had turned yellow. He had become thinner and taller.

Q: What report did Lieutenant give?

Ans: He said that the earth town was empty. However, they found native life in the hills. He said that the Martian people were dark, yellow eyed, friendly and talked a bit. They could learn English fast.

Q: What is the theme of the Lesson “Dark they were And Golden-Eyed”?

Ans: A few people landed on the Mars to avoid war on the earth. The climes there changed them into Martians. They could not return though they loved the earth. The story tells that war is a big evil.



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