Chapter 2 "Clearing in the sky" Questions and Answers For class 11 (1st Year)

Chapter 1 "Clearing in the sky" Questions and Answers For class 11 (1st Year)

Chapter 2 "Clearing in the Sky"


Q: Why didn’t the old man follow the advice of the doctors?
Ans: The old man was a hardworking farmer. He did not want to sit idle. Therefore, instead of following doctor’s advice he had a long walk of 5 miles and reached home. He also continued farming and working.

Q: What had the doctors told the old man?
Ans: The doctors had diagnosed that the old man was a heart patient. They advised him to take rest and enjoy the few remaining days with his family. They even advised him not to walk even the of a city block. He should take taxi and go home.

Q: Where did the old man take his son?
Ans: The old man had farmed a piece of land on the top of a mountain. He had planted potatoes, yams, and tomatoes there. It was a wonderfully clean patch of land. He wanted his son to appreciate his efforts. Therefore, he took his son there to show him this farm.

Q: What were the names of the vegetables the old man grew on his farm?
Ans: The old man had grown a farm on the top of mountain. He had grown potatoes, yams and tomatoes there. It was a wonderfully clean patch of land. He had even fenced it to keep it protected from stray animals.

Q: Had the son ever been there before?
Ans:  The son had lived his whole childhood with his parents at that place. He had visited that mountain top many times in his life. But he had not visited it for the last three years.

Q: Why did the old man take the steep path?
Ans: The doctors told the old man not to do any work. But he could not stay calm without climbing the hills. Therefore, he built easy paths to reach the top of the mountain. But as he became healthy, he built rather a steep path to go there. While climbing the mountain with his son, he took the steep path. He wanted to show his son that he was still energetic and healthy.

Q: Why did the son at the age of six cry?
Ans: When he was six, his parents brought him to the field to thin corn. His father made him a little wooden plough. He lost it in a furrow and thus cried and cried until his father made him another plough. But the son never liked the new one.

Q: What were the feelings of the old man at the age of seventy?
Ans: At the age of seventy, the old man felt energetic and fit for hard work. He thought that he had lived the years, the Good Book allowed. Therefore, before dying he wanted to visit the places he had seen in life.

Q: Why had the old man planted his secret garden?
Ans: In fact, the old man wanted to refresh his bygone memories. He wanted to return to places he had loved. Moreover, he believed that things grown in a new land had better flavour. Therefore, he planted a farm on a virgin land on the top of a mountain.


Q: What did the son see on the top of the mountain?
Ans: When the old man took his son on the mountain top, he saw a small clearing of not more than three-fourth of an acre in the heart of this mountain top. It was fenced and cleared of weeds.

Q: What did the old man say about the so many little paths along with the main path?
Ans: The old man told that early last spring he could not climb up the steep path because of weakness. He made a longer and easier path so that he might climb up easily. As he continued to get better, he made steeper paths and thus came to know about his fitness.

Q: What did everybody around say when the old man bought that farm?
Ans: When the old man bought the farm everybody around said that he would end up with his family if he tried to make a living  at this country poor farm.


It teaches us the lesson of courage and determination. It tells us that work and physical exercise makes us healthy and active. It tells us that we should never be disappointed in life. It also urges to love nature and land.

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