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 'Village life'   


            ESSAY (300 words)

          A village is a small town situated in a country area. It consists of a few small huts and mud houses. These houses are built all over the area without any order. It is the surrounding greenery that makes a village wonderful. The tall trees, green fields and the calm nature add to the beauty of the village.

         There is no special fun for the villagers. Their only hobby is to make gossips or watch TV in the evening. The marriage ceremony is the most amusing event of the village. This is the occasion when the villagers show their feelings of joy and pleasure. Village fair is still another event of amusement for the villagers.

         There are many benefits of village life. First, life in a village is pure and easy. The needs of the village are a few. Eggs, milk, vegetables and butter are their common diet. Their diet is pure though it is simple. Their dress, food, customs and manners are simple but decent. Second, the villagers are sincere and honest. They know no selfishness. They love their customs and traditions. They are simple, innocent, kind and hospitable. There are also some disadvantages of village life. It lacks modern facilities. The education and hospital facilities are limited in the village. The chances of education are a few in the villages. Most of the people in villages are ignorant.

        The villagers are content with their lot. They do not have high ambitions. Their only interest is how to increase their products. The government should take steps to educate the villagers. Schools, colleges and hospitals should be opened in the villages. New roads should be made to link the villages with the main cities. If these steps are taken, the villagers would play their role in the development of the country. (301)



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