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  1. “Good actions are a guard againgst the blows of adversity.” – Abu Bakr Siddique (ra)
  2. “Be good to others, that will protect you against evil.” – Abu Bakr Siddique (ra)
  3. “If you expect the blessings of God, be good to His people.” – Abu Bakr Siddique (ra)
  4. “Forgiveness is the crown of greatness.” – Imam Ali (ra)
Note: Quotes For Second Last and Last Paragraph
1_Those of you who have the most knowledge, should also be those who have the most fear.
2_Knowledge is the life of the mind.__Abu Bakr Siddique
3_ Kindness Is a mark Of faith.



          A person who believes Islam as his religion is called a Muslim. A true Muslim has firm belief in Allah and His last Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). It is his faith that Allah is the creator of everything in the universe. He believes that he is aware of his doings and actions. He knows that he will be held answerable for his deeds and actions. Therefore, he fears only from Allah and does not do anything wrong. It is his belief that Allah is present everywhere and sees everything.

         He spends his life according to the teachings of Islam. He does not let his desires to rule over him. He always bows his head before Allah and His Prophet (PBUH) in all the matters of his life. He offers prayers regularly, keeps fast, gives zakat, and performs Hajj. He believes in the Day of Judgement and the life hereafter. 
         The life of a Muslim reflects the true spirit of Islam. A true Muslim is neither a miser nor spendthrift. He maintains balance between these two extremes. He is thankful to Allah in prosperity. He shows patience in adversity. He knows that the joys and sorrows of this world are temporary. He knows that the purpose of his life is to please Allah. 

        Knowledge is obligatory in Islam. A true Muslim learns from the lap of his mother to his grave. He is always broadminded. He ponders over the secrets of nature. He ever struggles to discover the hidden treasures of the universe. He never feels hesitant in adopting and utilizing the modern technology.

         In short, a true Muslim possess all the positive and constructive qualities. He is beneficial and useful to his family, society and humanity. But in doing all this, he never ignores the true spirit of Islam.


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