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 'Life in a big city'   


            ESSAY (305 words)

                   A city is a vast built-up area where a large number of people live and work. Here we find high buildings, vast roads, big parks, crowded bazaars, and government offices.

                 The city life is an easy life. It provides the people with all sorts of facilities. Schools, colleges and universities are the main centres of education there.

                 Hospitals provide the people with medical facilities. Cinema houses and theatres are there to provide people with every kind of fun. Fast communication and transportation are also there to serve people. About all sorts of eatables are available in a city. There are provision stores, hotels, canteens and utility stores to fulfil the needs of people. Usually the streets and roads in the cities are clean and wide. Sanitary conditions in the cities are really wonderful. Clean drinking water is accessible all the time.

                 Though the benefits of city life are many, there are also certain demerits of this life. In cities, life is quick and uncertain. Approximately all sorts of evils can be found in city life. In cities, people are selfish and proud. They do not take heed to what is happening around. They have their own interests and desires. They lack the qualities of hospitality, generosity and simplicity. They are always busy in either earning or spending money. They do not care to help the needy and the ailing people. People living in cities cannot enjoy pure and fresh food. They inhale the polluted air. The atmosphere in cities is dusty and smoky.
                Some suitable steps can make the city life worth-living. First of all, steps should be taken to provide people fresh air and clean water. The food supplies should be checked. The trees should be planted to ensure  clean atmosphere. The moral sense of the people living in cities should also be awakened. (305)


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