Chapter 7; "LITTLE BY LITTLE ONE WALKS FAR!" Questions and Answers For class 10

English class 10th Chapter 7




                                         QUESTIONS GIVEN WITHIN THE LESSON

Q. What kind of person is the author?

Ans. The author is a young man who has just passed hard-ships of teenage.

Q. What does the author want to imply by mentioning his co-curricular activities?

Ans. By mentioning his co-curricular activities, the author wants to imply that he is a well-rounded student.

Q. How have these job experiences made the author more mature?

Ans. By doing these jobs, the author has developed a sense of responsibility. Thus he has become more mature.

Q. What has motivated the author to participate so actively?

Ans:. The author has developed a positive outlook. This outlook has motivated him to participate in co-curricular activities actively.

                           Exercise Questions and Answers

Q1. What are some distinctions of the writer?

Ans.  He won Quaid-e-Azam batch in scouting. He won the quiz contest on the topic 'Who is Who'. He won Academic Excellence Awards in speech competition and essay writing competition. He won prizes for Computer Applications, Geography, Advanced Algebra.

Q2: How has the writer spent his summer vacations?

Ans.  During the summer vacations, he did many jobs to develop a sense of responsibility.

Q3: What has he gained from his summer jobs experiences?

Ans.  The summer jobs experiences have polished his faculties of brain and body. They have made him mature and responsible.

Q4.  How are these experiences helpful to him in future?

Ans.  The summer jobs experiences have made the writer mature and responsible Thus, these experiences would be helpful to him in future.

Q5: What kind of student is the writer? Which of his qualities impress you?

Ans: The writer is a well-rounded student. He takes deep interest in his studies. He is also a leading leading sportsman. He does various jobs during vacations. All these qualities of him really impress me.



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