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 'A Cricket Match'   

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        I happened to see a cricket match last Friday. It was played between Team XQ and Team ET. The umpires with the two captains entered e ground. The captain of Team ET won the toss. He decided to bat first.

        Both the openers of his team entered the ground with dignity. The fielding team also came up running to take their positions in the field. The commentary on the match was very exciting. In the beginning, the match was a bit slow in tempo. It was 25 overs match. In the first ten overs, the batting team could score only 30 runs for the loss of four wickets. In the next ten overs, they lost three wickets more but the score was then one hundred one . Last five overs were the most exciting, for they scored 57 more runs in them. They set the target of 158 runs in 25 overs for the loss of nine wickets. After the first innings, there were a short break of 45 minutes. During it, the vendors appeared with various eatables. The spectators began chatting, eating and drinking tea and cold drinks.
          Soon the match resumed. In the first seven overs, the Team XQ easily scored seventy runs without losing any wicket. But the next three overs proved to be crucial. They lost four important wickets one after the other. The match was even till the last over till the last over in which the batting side was to get only nine runs and the bowling side was to take only a wicket to win the match . Every ball created suspense and excitement among the crowd. At the last ball only two runs were required. The batsman hit a boundary and the Team XQ won the match. Some excited spectators ran towards the winning team, some started leaving and some kept sitting to see the prize distribution ceremony.

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