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 'A Scene  at a Railway Station'       OUTSTANDING ESSAY ( 475 words)

        Before the arrival of train, a railway station is usually not crowded. Only a few passengers could be seen sitting in the waiting rooms. Their children keep on playing on the he platform. As there is no great rush there, the elders are not worried about their children. It is very com and peaceful all around. Different people remain busy in different pursuits to kill time. Some play cards and some begin chatting in a friendly manner. A few people are seen to be engaged in a heated discussion about politics and other current issues. A few tired and lazy fellows are also seen to be dozing and snort-ing in the armchairs.

        As soon as the announcement about the approaching train is made, a frantic activity emerges at the station. People rush towards the ticket room to buy tickets. There is a great rush at the wicket of the ticket clerk. Sometime, the passengers have to stand in a queue to get tickets. Then there are the passengers sitting in the waiting rooms. As soon as they learn about the arrival of the train, they take their luggage and come out. Some people begin to stare in the direction of the arriving train. At last, the whistle of the train is heard. The train looks graceful when it enters the station.

        As soon as the train stops, people emerge from the compartments of the train. Those who are out try to get on the train and occupy the seats. Some are seen to be dragging their suitcases and bags. There is a great hustle and bustle everywhere on the platform. Some passengers rush to the tea stalls. Some are carrying their luggage,  and some are purchasing eatables. Some rush to the water cooler to fill their bottles and containers with cool water. The vendors shout slogans to attract the attention of the passengers to the things they are selling.

        There are a few policeman roaming about on the platform. A few ticket checkers dressed in whiter uniforms also come into view. Some passengers are seen requesting the ticket checkers for the booking of seats. There are other people who have come either to receive their friends or to see them off. They are seen to be embracing each other.

        Then suddenly, the train whistles. The guard begins to wave the green banner. The passengers rush towards their compartments. The train begins to creep slowly. People begin running with the creeping train. They try to get on the running train. Those who have come to see off their dear ones stand on the platform and wave their hands. Their faces are sad and depressed. As soon as the train disappears, they begin to leave the station. Soon, all the activity, which started so rapidly a little while ago, ends so suddenly.The station is deserted at last.



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