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    The poem shows the simple sight of rain. It shows the refreshing impact of rain. The rain falls on the top thick leaves. These thick leaves drip the rain water drop after drop on the lower thin leaves. The thick leaves symbolize rich people. The lower thin leaves symbolize poor people. The rich give little to the poor. It is a pinching situation. This situation causes stress for the poet. However, after the rain sun comes out. It shines equally upon all. It blesses the rich as well as the poor. It brightens every dark thing. This pleases the poet. Due to this kindness of the sun, the noise of rain becomes a lovely music for the poet.



The poem divulges the simple sight of rain. It delineates the amazing impact of nature upon human soul. It does not depict any fierce feature of nature. The rain beats and pounds on the top thick leaves. Then the water from the top thick leaves drips drop after drop on the lower thin leaves.The top thick leaves symbolize rich people upon whom the blessings of God pour down like shower. But these rich people prove to be very uncharitable. They give alms to the poor but in little amounts just like the leaves that pass on the rain water drop after drop to the poor leaves. The beating of the rain drops against the thick leaves of trees produces a soft music. The poet feels happy to hear it. After the rain stops, the sun comes out of the dark clouds. It shines very bright.The drops of rain look lovely in the bright sunshine. As the kind sun shines equally upon all, it is a symbol of impartiality and kindness.
 The worth of the poem is twofold. The sight of rain gives pleasure, but the inequality between the poor and the rich brings about stress. The deep concern for the poor and the love for nature are artfully fused in the poem.


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