Pair of words for class 10 (SET I)

              Pair of words 

     Pair of words (SET I)

1.  Affect: (اثرکرنا) This incident did not affect his health.
    Effect: (اثر) It did not have any effect on him.

2.  Advice: (نصیحت) Ali did not act upon my advice.
    Advise: (نصیحت کرنا) My father advised me never to abuse anyone.

3.  Altar: (قربانگاہ) Ali brought a cow to the altar.
    Alter: (بدلنا) I will not alter my programme.
               You can not alter my decision.

4.  Altogether: (بالکل) It is altogether wrong to say that she came here yesterday.
    All together: (اکھٹے) We played a match all together.

5.  Angle: (زاویہ) There are four angles in a square.
    Angle: (فرشتہ) God sent His message through angels.

6.  Bail: (ضمانت) They were released on bail.
                I cannot give his bail.
                They came out of jail on bail.
    Bale: (گانٹھ) We sold a bale of cotton.

7.  Bare: (ننگا) The women should not be bare headed.
    Bear: I saw a bear in the zoo.

8.  Birth: Please state your date of birth.
    Berth: She was sleeping on the berth.

9.  Beside: She was sitting beside her sister.
    Besides: I have read many novels besides "Mr. Chips".

10.  Brake: This cycle has no brake.
     Break: Do not break the law.

11.  Cold: It is cold outside.
     Cool: Cool breeze is blowing.

12.  Cloth: They have a cloth shop in the market.
          She likes silky cloth.
     Clothe: He wears decent clothes.
            She is wearing fine clothes.

13.   Cell: The prisoner/criminal was kept in the cell.
      Sell: They sell school books

14.  Compare: Can he compare himself with Faiz?
              Compare these two books.
     Contrast: There is a contrast in what he says and what he does.

15.  Device: Zakat is a good device to help the poor.
     Devise: We must devise ways and means to help the needy.

16.  Denied: He denied having told a lie/cheated us.
     Refused: He refused to help me.

17.  Dairy: There is a dairy farm in our city.
     Diary: He lost her diary yesterday.

18.  Dew: Dew drops fell at night.
     Due: He could not come to school due to illness.

19.  Die: His father died in 2004.
         Heroes never die.
     Dye: Please dye my shirt.

20.  Dose: He took a dose of medicine.
     Doze: He was dozing in the class.

21.  Droop: Branches of the plants droop in summer.
     Drop: Give me a drop of water.

22.  Elder: He is my elder brother.
     Older: Lahore is an older city than Islamabad.

23. Eligible: He is eligible for the post of a clerk.
      Illegible: His hand-writing is illegible.

24. Accept: Accept my congratulations on your success.
      Except: We all went to the party except Usman.

25. Expect: Do not expect anything from joe.
                   I expect a great success.  
      Hope: We should never lose hope.

26. Feet: A cat has four feet.
      Feat: We enjoyed the circus feats.

27. Floor: Do not spit on the floor.
      Flour: We make bread with flour.

28. Fair: We are hoping for a fair weather.
      Fare: What is the bus fare from Lahore to Multan?

29. Foul: We should not use foul language.
      Fowl: We keep fowls.

30. Gate:  Somebody is knocking at the gate.
       Gait: She walks with a different gait.

31. Gaol: The prisoner was sent to the gaol.
      Goal: You should achieve your goal.

32. Heal: The wound will heal soon.
      Heel: They are dragging their  heels.
        OR:  The heel of this shoe is too high for me.

33. Healthy: He is a healthy man.
      Healthful: He eats healthful diet.

34. Idle: Do not sit idle.
      Idol: The Hindus worship idols.

35. Invent: Marcony invented radio.
      Discovered: Columbus discovered America.

36. Ice: The ice has melted. 
OR The ice is melting.

     Snow: We saw the ground covered with snow. or Snow is falling outside.



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