Pair of words for class 10 ( SET 2 )

  Pair of words 


     Pair of words ( SET 2 )


1. Lose: Please do not lose hope.
   Loose: I like loose clothes.

2. Lessen: I could not lessen her misery.
   Lesson: Learn your lesson regularly.

3. Letter: I wrote a letter to my sister.
  Latter: The latter is the better speaker. or 
                The latter point is very important.
                 The economy improved significantly in the latter years.
4. Liar: He is a big liar.  or
              She called him a liar.  or  
              She accused me of being a liar.
  lawyer: She is a great lawyer.  or 
                   I want to become a lawyer.

5. Lovely: Rose is a lovely flower.
   Lovable: His habits are lovable.

6. Medal: He won a gold medal for shooting.
   Meddle: Do not meddle in my affairs.

7. Meet: She wants to meet him again.
   Meat: The meat is frozen. or I like red meat.

8. Metal:Gold is a precious metal.
   Mettle: His mettle is extraordinary. or  
                It is a real test of his mettle.

9. Marry: He will marry  Sana.
   Merry: She looked merry in the party.

10. Miner: Many miners dug into a gold-mine.
    Minor: This essay needs minor changes.

11. Necessity: Water is our necessity.
     Necessary: Air is necessary for life.

12. Observation: He is a man of quick observation.
     Observance: Observance of  laws is necessary for peace.

13. Profit: He will earn a lot of profit from this business.
      Prophet: Hazrat Muhammad (peace be upon him) is the last Prophet of Allah.

14. Popular: Football is a popular game.
      Populous: Lahore is a populous city.

15. Principal: Quaid was man of principle.
     Principal: Mr. Adnan is the principal of our college.

16. Peace: Let me do my home work in  peace.
      Piece: Give me a piece of chalk.

17. Pray: I shall pray to Allah for your success.
     Prey: He fell prey to smoking.

18. People: Ten people were killed in the accident.
     Peoples: Many peoples live in India.

19. Pore: There are many pores in our body.
     Pour: Pour some tea in this cup.

20. Quiet: She was sitting quiet.
     Quite: Her answer is quite right.  or 
                 He sings quite well.

21. Respectable:He belongs to a respectable family.  or
                            He is a respectable person.
     Respectful: He is a respectful boy or 
                           He is respectful towards his elders.

22. Rein: Rein controls the horse.
     Rain: It is raining outside.

23. Robbed: The robbers were caught with the robbed money.
     Stolen: The stolen watch was found in Ali's pocket.

24. Role: In this age, the role of computer is very important.
     Roll: The teacher called the roll in the class.

25. Root: This plant has delicate roots.
     Route: This is the shortest route to our school.

26. Story: It is not a true story.
    Storey: This building has three storeys .

27. Sail: They opened the sails of the boat.
      Sale: This car is for sale.

28. Sinking: The ship is sinking.
     Drowning: A drowning man catches at a straw. or                                          Protect Children From Drowning. or
                           The drowning man shouted for help.

29. Stationary: The earth is not stationary.
    Stationery: He has opened a stationery shop.

30. Sinking: The ship is sinking.
     Drowning: He was saved from drowning.

31. Sole: The sole of this shoe is very hard.
      Soul: May his soul rest in peace!

32. Scene: This is a beautiful scene.
      Seen: I have seen New York .

33. Teach: I love to teach English.
       Learn: I want to learn English.

34. Team: Our football team is very strong.
       Teem: This well teems with insects.

35. Urbane: His manners are fine and urbane.
      Urban: Urban life is different from rural life.

36. Vain: All my efforts were in vain. OR
                    She is vain of her beauty.
       Vein: Blood runs in veins.   OR  
                  Our body has countless veins.

37. Wine: Muslims are not allowed to drink wine.
      Vine: They went to vineyard to eat grapes.  OR  
                 The vine is covered with red flowers.

38. Vale: The vale of Kashmir is famous for its beauty.
       Veil: She covered her face with a veil.

39. Waste: Good students never waste their time.   OR 
                      It is not right to waste your time.
      Waist: She has a 25-inch waist.

40. Write: I like to write stories/novels/books/.
      Right: It is not right to waste your time.

41. Waves: The waves were dancing in the water.    OR  
                    The waves of the sea followed one another silently.
      Waive: She waive her share to her brother.   OR                                          She waived her right to a lawyer.

42. Way: He met me on the way.
       Weigh: Please weigh my goods.   OR  
             She weighs only a one hundred pounds.

43. Weak: He is very weak in mathematics / english.
      Week: There are seven days in a week.

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